Stones of Gratitude

In medieval times, attempts to find a way to turn ordinary matter into gold were called alchemy.  We now understand alchemy to be a forerunner of the modern study of chemistry, but what if people really do have the ability to turn what they touch to gold?  Would having that kind of magical power be something that interests you?

What if I told you it involves gratitude?  Would you be willing to wander down that path and see if that could possibly be true?

This little book you’re holding is a series of stepping stones down that path.  In Stones of Gratitude, Dr. Beau Adams explains how a single act of gratitude changed the course of history for an entire nation.

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It is a privilege to write this review. Pastor Beau Adams has a natural talent to say profound things in a  simple way. Stones of Gratitude is a thought provoking book, and by reading you will be blessed immensely.

Samson Lazarus