Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out they don’t. –Leo Buscaglia

If we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that we don’t know it all and that we are fully capable of doing stupid things, no matter how smart we may be. But, regardless of how badly we’ve messed up, God is right there waiting for us to run to Him, to embrace His mercy, to rest in His goodness, and to accept His forgiveness. 

Click here to watch a video of a song that is sure to encourage you today. Ask God to help you surrender your mistakes to His grace. Rejoice in that grace this Christmas season as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

I run to the Father
I fall into grace
I’m done with the hiding
No reason to wait
My heart needs a surgeon
My soul needs a friend
So I’ll run to the Father
Again and again
And again and again

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